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Anyone of you in HONG KONG?

Started by oohyeah, December 30, 2007, 02:44:16 AM

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Hi, I worked in venture capital for the past 7 years but am now about to launch my own business doing software and websites relating to pregnancy and baby.

I'll be setting up a SMF forum too as part of the plan, and am trying to find people in Hong Kong who might be interested in helping me.  Variety of roles open, including Web Master, Forum administrator, programmer/designer, etc.

Please write to me if you're interested. Thanks! KL@kreativeland.com.


I am in shenzhen, but i can help you in part time.

Pls see my sites:  www.dian12.com and www.hw911.com

My MSN: homerzhu@gmail.com
My websites:
hxxp:www.dian12.com [nonactive]
hxxp:www.hw911.com [nonactive]

hxxp:www.dian12.com [nonactive]
hxxp:www.hw911.com [nonactive]