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8 days a week....

Started by An-Old_User, January 05, 2008, 09:10:50 PM

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At it 8 days a week.

Thats right, its game time. Sixteen of our 30+ team members in one location, in one time zone. You know what that means... Time for some serious SMF work. During our announcement of the MotM we received many questions about what we were going to do, how we were going to spend our time. Here's an approximate time map of my 1st and 2nd day.

Dec 28.
4:00AM - Leave Sacramento. Meet up with Mike for our long drive.
11:45AM- Met up with Motoko-chan  picked up a projector for power point meetings.
7:00PM- We hit Phoenix AZ, and pick up IchBin up from the airport.
9:00PM - We arrive at the meeting location. Between Mike,IchBin, and myself we were able to guess the rest of the entire team...
You should try your luck with our photo contest, and see just how well you can do.
9:30PM Ate some pizza pizza and begun mingling with the team. Mainly we just talked about are thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for SMF. I could tell everyone was a bit tired, considering the time difference and adjustments, but we waited up for the arrival of our last member.
1145PM Our last team member arrived and broke off into goups and busted out our laptops.
2:00AM, The devs and admins and I held a late night meeting. It lasted about 5 mintues before it turned into the devs doing their thing, and the PM's and I doing ours.
4:00AM -We call it a night, we all call it a night and head to bed.
6:50AM- Wake up and prepare for the morning meeting. (shower and all that fun stuff)
7:45AM- Breakfast downstairs... Looking around a the team, I can tell everyone must of bee up til the crack of dawn.
8:00AM- Setup the conference room and hooked up the projector to Mike's laptop. The devs put on a great presentation. We talked about many things including the roadmap of the 2.X project as well as sharing our thoughts on keeping our "roots", that is keeping the forum itself a close tight community.
10:30AM- We break for lunch and Sloopz and I discuss a few ideas we'd like to see come to light in the near future. Then Jay, AKA, and I worked on a few document related issues... [insert evil grin]
11:30AM- A group of us got together an start philosiphizing on SMF.
12:30- We headed to old Tucson.. Check the pics...
6:30PM- Back at the hotel. AKA, poked joke at each other on facebook. Then we turned our attention to Jay...
8:45PM- Jay, AKA continue on on our project we started earlier in the day. This continued until 3AM... at that point I headed to my room and went to sleep dreaming of SMF. 4:30AM, I finally crashed only to be back up at 7:00AM