Help with customizing Joomla to work with the bridge

Started by afonic, January 22, 2008, 09:07:55 AM

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QuoteYour option is to either NOT use the code or not distribute the 'derived work'

Correct, and we chose to stop distributing.  That doesn't make the bridge GPL, it just means that it was in violation of the Joomla interpretation of the GPL, and so it can no longer be distributed.

Quoteand the 'viral nature' of the GPL is such that, you use a GPL piece of code, then the code that incorporates it becomes GPL itself.

That is not correct.  If the license under which the GPL-incorporated code is compatible with the GPL, then yes, the entire work falls under the umbrella of the GPL.  However, if the license imposes restrictions on the Four Holy Freedoms, it becomes a violation of the license because it simply cannot fall under the terms of the GPL.  The options at that point are to alter the license, or stop distribution.


Quote from: omidkosari on March 16, 2008, 04:13:44 AM
Actually joomla.php is not the only file that you should edit. you should edit this files to solve all problems.


i have patched the Joomla_1.0.12_to_1.0.15-Stable-Patch_Package to work with Bridge.
I hope it helps.
Here you are  ;) [nofollow]

Update: I have rezipped the file to grow over 1MB and have some rapidshare points for me  :P (this is exactly same file but a little larger)

Thanks! so much.  :)

I think if you or someone else can be still providing this kind of "updates" to keep bridge functioning, since there is not license violation  ;) :P   


Wow..... Brilliant!!

Now, I update to Joomla! 1.0.15 and SMF 1.1.5, keep bridging with Orstio Bridge 1.1.7 and its all WORKING. I'm use SMF for registration (not bridge mode). Good job and thanks a lot.

Sorry about my english.


Orstio, are there any issues to using the Joomla_1.0.12_to_1.0.15-Stable-Patch_Package_Orstio_Bridge_Compatible file that you can see?



Yeah, I wish someone with more experience could "audit" the code...


Ortios, can u please test this files... I don't think this hack to joomla is working at 100%