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Copy Topics

Started by Team, January 22, 2008, 11:19:07 PM

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Copy Topics

Compatibility: SMF 1.1.x, SMF 2.0.x

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Current Version: 1.5.1

Adds the ability to copy a single or multiple topics.

Note: The copying functions contain some very memory intensive mysql queries, and there are a considerable number of them.
The more topics and/or the more posts in the topic, the more queries will be used.

Adds Copy Topic permission for membergroups
Copy a single topic from the Topic Display
Copy a single or multiple topics from the Message Index
Copies the entire topic
Updates users postcount/post based membergroups accordingly
Updates all necessary stats
Copies Calendar/events tied to the topic
Copies Entire polls
Copies Attachments
less than 1MB in size only
Providing you haven't exceed any Maximum Attachments directory size
SMF 2.0 version works with 2.0 feature of multiple attachment folders

Any previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version.

Simply install the package to install on the SMF Default Core Theme ONLY.

Manual edits will be required for ALL themes (other than SMF Default Core Theme) which have a custom MessageIndex.template.php and/or Display.template.php

If your theme has its own versions of the language files Modifications.english.php and/or Modifications.english-utf8.php, OR if your using a language other than those supported (listed above) by the mod then you will need to copy the language strings into each custom version of those files.

You will also need to copy the images into each Theme

Useful Links
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.
(Please don't ask me to do the edits for you)


!Fixed text copy topics when using checkbox moderation

o Updated to support RC2

6/17/09 - v1.5.1
o Fixed some minor bugs on install.
o Fixed Hungarian Language.

6/12/09 - v1.5
o Updated compatibility for 1.1.9 and 2.0 RC1-1

5/15/08 - v1.4
o Checked works for SMF 1.1.5 and SMF 2.0 Beta 3.1
o Fixed Undefined $txt string Permission bug in 2.x version only (Thanks to Jelle Mees)
o Added Portuguese/Portuguese-utf8 language strings (Thanks to joomlamz)

3/21/08 - v1.3
o Fixed to make install for SMF 2.0 Beta 3 Public

3/15/08 - v1.2
o Removed/disabled copying of 'cached search entries' as causing duplicate key issues

3/2/08 - v1.1
o Converted mod to work for SMF 2.0 beta 2 (and above) (won't work for earlier 2.0 versions)
o 2.0 version takes account of SMF 2.0 multiple attachment folders
o Added German/German-utf8 language strings (Thanks to ltdeta)
o Added Turkish/Turkish-utf8 language strings (Thanks to CiOooo)
o Fixed: Copying multiple topics to copy in the exact same order
o Fixed: Removed LIMIT 1 from UPDATE clauses since sqlite doesn't support them

1/22/08 - v1.0
o Initial release.
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CrazyZone - My SMF Forum

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Hi Karl,
great mod.  Thanks.
What I would like to have is an option to have a link in the copied topic of the original one.
I'm using this mod to create a board that I've been looking for:  Have a "best topic of the week".  So I installed this mod but did not give permission to copy but me.  Then I copy one topic (to this board) that I will delete every week replacing it by a new one.  But members cannot reply in this copied topic, only in the original.  So it is why I'm asking for this link.


I considered having that option.

However for SEO reasons I decided not to include the functionality


great as always karl ! bravo !


Quote from: karlbenson on January 23, 2008, 06:49:11 AM
I considered having that option.

However for SEO reasons I decided not to include the functionality
Ok, thanks.


hello :)
If u publish the turkish translation of this mod, here it is.. ;)
thnx 4 mod, tchau :D

$txt['copytopic_copyto'] = 'Kopyala';
$txt['quick_mod_copy'] = 'Seçileni Kopyala';
$txt['copytopic'] = 'Konuyu Kopyala';
$txt['copytopics'] = 'Konuları Kopyala';
$txt['cannot_copy'] = 'Bir konuyu kopyalamak için gereken izinlere sahip değilsiniz';
$txt['copytopic_noboards'] = 'Bu konunun kopyalananabileceği kategori bulunmamakta!';
$txt['copytopic_notallowed'] = 'Kategorilere konuları kopyalamaya yetkili değilsiniz,görüntüleyemezsiniz!';
$txt['permissionname_copy'] = 'Konuyu Kopyala';
$txt['permissionhelp_copy'] = 'Konuyu bir kategoriden diğerine kopyalar. Kullanıcılar, sadece görmelerine izin verilen kategorileri seçebilirler';
$txt['copytopic_negativeseo'] = 'Konular kopyalanırken SEO açısından olumsuz etkiler görülebilir yani arama motorları içeriğin tekrarlı yani iki suretli olduğunu tespit edebilirler.';


I recall asking for a mod like this earlier, so this is really great news!

Maybe I'll make a translation into Norwegian, German and Spanish for it when I get home.

Thanks for a great mod!

Eliana Tamerin

Again, Karl, kudos for making an innovative and ingenious mod. I don't have a need for the functionality at the moment, but I do like the concept. Good job.
Do NOT PM me for support.

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Thanks Eliana.

P.S don't look at the code unless you want a headache. ;)

Something like 90% is made up of queries


It's great to see this feature on SMF.  Thanks Karlbenson :)

Eliana Tamerin

Now you made me look at the code. Wow, that's a headache. I don't think I've seen that many queries in a file before.
Do NOT PM me for support.

SimplePortal 2.3.6 is OUT!
SimplePortal Project Manager
Download | Docs
SimplePortal: Power of Simplicity!



This is great, I asked for something like this earlier.  In my case, I would want the +1MB attachments to go with the copy.  Is there any way to make it an option to specify the size limit, or disable the 1MB limit?



The limit is 1mb.  I would not even recommend copying 1mb files.  This is because your servers can't usually handle it.

In fact, based on some testing I've done since submiting the mod and another user has sent me.
I may need to reduce the amount.
Possibly making it less than 1mb TOTAL for attachments in all the topics your copying.

So if your copying 5xtopics at once, the max size attachments that could be copied is 1mb.


Have a strange thing, when testing install in package manager it's all ok but test failed on english-utf-8, which btw I don't have any .
It says
9.     Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english-utf8.php     Test failed
So I don't have any UTF8 files!?
Other files I don't have it just skips like:
11.     Execute Modification     ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english_british-utf8.php     Skipping file

I have more mods, not of you btw, which has same or similar test failed on utf8:

referals mod, languagecompare and topicsfilter.

Should I just install and ignore that utf8?
Or place the utf8-files I need for your mods in forum?
added: checked files in forum, although I don't have any utf8 languages I seem to have that Modifications.english-utf8.php,
will have to add that manually I assume.


It maybe that another mod has created a BLANK modifications.english-utf8.php
Open Themes/default/languages/Modification.english-utf8.php
If its blank, then delete it.


Would it be possible to write the mod so that instead of actually copying the file, it just references the existing file?  There would be a problem if the file in the original post was deleted, but maybe there can be a check put in and it would preserve the file if there was a link to it... just a thought.