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no root account

Started by Jules242, March 18, 2008, 09:19:21 PM

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Hey guys, first I want to say how happy I am to finally test this out!

Unfortunately I have to be a spoiler and report a problem I have :(

I have tried installing from scratch twice, and both times the admin account that I create during installation doesn't "stay".

After finishing the installation, that administrator account no longer exists, and I am left with no way to access stuff. [nofollow]

What could this be?

I run [nofollow] , and I am looking forward to development and the day where I can introduce a stable copy  8) 


I've never had this occur on a forum.

I don't know if someone is playing silly beggars.

But anyway you can restore yourself by going to phpmyadmin and smf_members
find your userame and set ID_GROUP to 1

if your username was deleted ,you could just register a new account and then set the id group.


That did the trick :) Thanks!