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Started by ! CatHead, March 29, 2008, 11:02:51 PM

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! CatHead

As Admin I'm able to use the html bbc tags when posting in my forum.  The tags disappear when anybody else tries posting with them though?  Is there anyway I can make it so the Moderators in the forum can use these tags?



[html][/html] [nonactive]


are using html mod for it?check permissions for that group.
Happy Ramadan

! CatHead

No I'm not using a mod, perhaps that is the problem Hassan.  Is there a mod available for this?  I searched the bbc code category here on the smf website and couldn't find one.

thx for your help!

CatHead [nonactive]

! CatHead

More Info:

I'm using smf 1.1.4.  In the admin section >> posts and topics >>  bulletin board code, all bbc codes are checkmarked yes, including html. [nonactive]

! CatHead

thank you so much hassan for your help!  It worked like a charm  :) [nonactive]