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Make a link back to my web site from forum index?

Started by Cindy67, April 08, 2008, 12:42:46 PM

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Is it possible to make a link back to my web page from my forum's index page?

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I am a novice at writing code so I will need a lot of hand holding  ;)


What version of SMF are you using and do you have a custom theme. ??? Can you upload your index.template.php file here from your theme. Yes it is possible. ;)


I am using Forum version: SMF 1.1.4 with the custom theme Aa New Damage.  I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to how I upload the file you mentioned.  Maybe I gave myself too much credit in calling me a novice,  perhaps noob is more appropriate.  lol


Ftp into your account and then to the Themes folder then to the AA new damage folder and you should see the index.template.php file. Download it to your desktop and then reply to this thread and under the post box you should see a link called "Additional Options" Click on that and you will see the browse line to upload the file. :)

Welcome to the site btw. ;)


Also, you need to clarify whether you want the "HOME" button on your current forum to lead back to your main page or whether you want a separate button for your link back.


If the index.english.php file can be uploaded here also from the languages folder of the default theme I can take care of that as well. :)


Well now I have the file on my desktop but the only additional options I have for this post are Notify me of replies,  Return to this topic, and dont use smileys.   Am I missing something?


I dont see attach either, you could zip it with a password and upload it here, , then PM the password to whoever needs it.


Copy/paste its contents here inside the code tags



If you use mediafire thats fine. I will need the two files mentioned: