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Anyway to Revert Smf 2 beta 3 to SMF 1.1.4

Started by malefica, April 11, 2008, 04:45:49 AM

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Anyway to Revert Smf 2 beta 3 to SMF 1.1.4?

Thats it


The only way to do that would be via a backup database.
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As specifically stated in many places, there is no way to revert.

The only option is to revert to a backup that was taken pre-2.x at 1.1.4
(meaning you'll lose any posts, topics, members made at 2.x)

If you never used 1.1.x and installed fresh at 2.x, then there is no way at all.


I dont need the forum I just need the user accoounts any simple way to do this.



If I run this 2 beta 3 forum as an archive Until the RC
and run a new 1.1.4 + Mambo + bridge as main forum until then
Can I merge the data later just for search/reference


Actually, someone was able to manually change the database back to 1.1.4 by comparing a 1.1.4 and 2.0 database. Then they overwrited all the SMF files to fresh ones for 1.1.4 except for Settings.php. That is the only way to do it and keep everything. But do take a backup before changing the database and your forum will not work during the manual changes ~ you will want to put it in maintenance mode.


I figured something like that would work now to decide if its worth the work. its just a wow guild forums i run for free. I was trying to upgrade 1.1.2 3 and 4 but it seems netfirms decided to move my site to a different server or drive and not tell me and the config was all messed up which i fixed with reset settings php just before I upgraded at 5 in the mornin a little bit tired to think things through I was just happy to start hitting some progress.


Theres no fast and easy way to downgrade.

the way to do it would be to make the database changes manually by following the upgrade sql and doing it in reverse.

Otherwise, no.
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