Author Topic: check: is it complicated to upgrade? and is SMF2.0 beta 3 worth a try now?  (Read 2156 times)

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Hi there,

For you all who have installed the SMF2.0 beta 3 public release version. I know this is a beta so there will still be bugs.

As compare with 1.1.4 what are the biggest different and is it worth making the switch now and how complicated would that be?

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there are a lot of changes. Please read the announcement thread for details.

upgrading is easy... but making the switch now or later is up to you. If you arew comfortable running a beta, with known issues... and are comfortable making code changes on your own as the fixes become known, then go ahead.
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I made the switch over mainly for the built in subscriptions. However now that I have upgraded all the small features stand out and I prefer it over 1.1.4. I have only run across a few bugs, none that are show stoppers.
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The upgrade process, for the most part, is quite easy.  But it also will depend on your current status of your forum.  If you have a large number of customization, themes and/or 'issues' it will be complicated.

If you are using mods and custom themes I would hold off on upgrading, unless like rsw686, it has a key feature you want and need now.
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