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Started by riker, August 05, 2008, 06:15:55 AM

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Are their any problems with SQLite?,  I'm trying to setup a new forum now (been trying since yesterday) and the normal SQL just doesn't want to install on any of the servers I've tried so I'm left with SQLite.  What I need to know is will I still be able to do backups and reinstall it if a crash happens etc ?


This can be closed because I've solved the original problem.  The username/sitename was too long even though it never said.  I had to delete the site and start from scratch


There are several bugs with the Sqlite version (alot are fixed in beta 4, some yet to be)
I would suggest using mysql if you can (as its best supported), then postgresql, then sqlite.
The devs have spent alot of time working on supporting sqlite.

You would probably only really get away with sqlite without performance issues if it was being used on a very small site such as a local intranet for documentation/support rather than a medium/large forum.


Wait until Beta 4 if you can I know of a major one that would only allow Member Group ID 1 to view topics, otherwise they get a big SQL error message... So if you think you can hold back, some of the most major should be fixed...