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SMF 1.1.5 and Joomla 1.5.3 + ssi_login

Started by Mr. Jinx, July 10, 2008, 10:46:25 AM

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Mr. Jinx

I'm using the php function "ssi_login" on one of my pages in joomla.
This seems to work, however the URL redirect feature just doesn't work!

For example, I include this code in joomla:


There are many ways to do this: a custom module / in your template / using a php-code module like 'Jumi'. You can login just fine, but you will be directed to the forum, not the specified url.

Somehow it must loose the variable '$_SESSION['login_url']. This is where the redirection url is stored, but once you are logged in, it must be gone or something.

Any other ways to solve this?

Mr. Jinx

I found a solution for my previous question by adding:
To Boardindex.template.php, just under de global section.

However, now that I've upgraded to SMF 2.0 RC1.2 the problem is back :(

If I test the ssi_login redirection function by editting 'ssi_examples.php' it works just fine.
I just can't get it to work from within a joomla module. It will always lose the login_url variable.
Can someone help me with this one?