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Streaming 3

Started by 1948Pal, April 11, 2005, 03:40:00 PM

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i want this for smf2 rc3 .???


Is there any mod like this for 1.1.x? looks like the owner hasnt touch it since 2008. Can please somebody take it over or make another mod similar to this? we are pertty desperate about it.


Thinks this mod is for 1.1.X  but not for 1.1.11  but there's another another version of this mod which includes youtube video too. I'm just searching for it myself.
To install something for the cat's 'cut' is never nice..... (old dutch saying) :D


If you're thinking of Aeva the link for download is...

Support for the free version v1.4b is here on SMF, for the paid version v.2.04 is on Noisen itself.
SMF v2.1.3  Mods : Snow & Garland v1.4,  PHP  v.7.4.33


Since it looks like this mod hasn't been updated, what are you guys using to stream video?


is it support videobam videos?



is there any update for this mod so that i can use it on 2.0.11?


Hello friends

any reply