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Gallery and Chat?

Started by Scubasjl18, August 12, 2008, 05:27:20 PM

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Are they any gallery or chat's available for smf 2.0 yet? I would love to use smf 2.0 mainly due to the paid subscriptions that it has included and the better admin panel then 1.1.5. All I need to run is gallery, chat, paid subscriptions. Ideas are welcome.


The gallery modification by vbgamer is not for SMF 2.0 yet. Other gallery systems, I do not know. You'd have to look in the mod site.

Chat rooms? I have no clue either. Check out the mod site, once again. :)

Paid subscriptions is a default feature in 2.0.


As far as chat, phpFreeChat works with SMF 2.0. There is a tutorial there on how to integrate it.
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Thanks for the answers, I also think coppermine you can get to work with smf 2.0 not sure really as to searching for this stuff is hard cause you have to include the 2.0 or beta otherwise you get all the old 1.x stuff.


You can filter the mods section for all available SMF 2.x compatible mods by using the SMF 2.0 Beta 3.1 Public in that Customize section.
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I went ahead and used coppermine and have phpfreechat, all working great bridge. Just have to theme them.