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Admin Menu Corrupted

Started by Dominic2066, August 13, 2008, 11:58:16 AM

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When I first installed 2.0 B3.1, it worked fine despite not being a clean install.

But then, after about half an hour and for no apparent reason, the admin menu became completely corrupted.

I have attached a screenshot showing what has happened to it. Pretty much every dropdown has been corrupted as have the links beneath them.

As I said, it worked perfectly for around half an hour.  I was changing various settings.  Then ... BANG!  :'(

I don;t know what hapened....


Try this.


This will switch it, so that the menus are on the left-hand side instead of the top. But this will at least show if the whole menu area for admin is really corrupt or not. - New Design To Gaming


Thanks for that suggestion.  I tried it, but the problem remained.


From the screenshot it appears to be missing $txt[] string issues.  What do you mean by "not being a clean install"?

You also state "no apparent reason" and then go on to say "I was changing various settings", so I'm sure that's your reason.  What were the settings?  Changing theme and/or language settings? Details please.
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