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Big problem with my server

Started by Rocks-HD, August 17, 2008, 12:26:21 PM

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I have a problem with my server, they are modify the sistem for the apache 2.2 and I don't know why my site don't show many pages.

example: if you try enter in my page you will see the blank page and in your explorer you can see anything about "loaded without problem!"

I don't know what happened or what I need make for solve the problem
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You need to run system backup or restore apache settings you did.
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I modify my system and the problem don't disappeared

have you another hint?


Contact your host as this is a hosting issue and not an issue with the SMF software.



I contacted my server but they are speaked that the problem isn't with in my server!

I don't know what I do!


Well I just visited your forum and it loaded fine for me. If this is solved feel free to mark it as solved otherwise reply with some details of what isn't working.  To mark an issue solved please change the first post message icon to the 'tick' icon.
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