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CerberusWeb SMF login plugin

Started by nimasdj, August 20, 2008, 11:23:29 AM

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I tried to use CerberusWeb SMF login plugin, I did enter a username/password of my SMF user in cerberus login page and I still need to confirm my email with cerberus. Why? I believe if login process is being done via a third-party plugin then it should not care about email confirmation? Is it what is supposed to happen?

I see the plugin will search username/password in SMF db and returns the id number of that user from db. Now what? How will cerb3 know the email address? If they still need to enter/confirm it in cerb3 support-center then what is the purpose of login plugin, as they could create an account directly on cerb3?
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I'm not sure of the nature of your inquiry.  As it seems you have having an issue with the Cerberus side of the bridge/plugin.  You'll need to take that up with their support.

Tho you might want to search here first, but I could only find two topics.
CerberusWeb login plugin
But even [Unknown] directed to their support.
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Marking this as solved as like Rumbaar has said we don't have any control over this plugin :). Hopefully the creators will be able to provide you with more assistance.
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