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Started by slinouille, June 03, 2008, 04:02:21 AM

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Hi there

I'm trying to install this mod into SMF 2.0.8 but I get the following errors below. Please could you assist. Thank you in advance!

6.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/Display.template.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Themes/default/Display.template.php   Test failed
*   7.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/Post.template.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Themes/default/Post.template.php   Test failed
   2.   Replace   ./Themes/default/Post.template.php   Test failed
   3.   Replace   ./Themes/default/Post.template.php   Test failed


can anyone install this mod for me. i have tried to install it but it did not install
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Anyone manage to implement this mod?

Seems to have several tests failed implementing this.


This is one of the most useful SMF mods out there. It's a real shame it seems to be abandoned like this. Is there an alternative that lets you place images in the same way while not displaying them again beneath the post as a tumbnail?


Sure. There are 2 known and popular inline attachments MODs: one from Spuds (search it on GitHub) and another from dougiefresh (find it in our modsite)
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I would use Doug's mod because I doubt the ILA mod (Spuds mod) will be updated again. Those guys have moved on to their own forum software. I'm still using the old ILA mod until SMF v2.1 is finally released then I will probably switch to Doug's mod located at