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Forum moderators can't see some posts waiting for approval

Started by anshar, August 30, 2008, 04:33:27 AM

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There is one guy whose posts are always waiting for approval by my moderators. Sounds fine but, some of my moderators can see only certain posts of this guy.

The guy posted post no.1,2,3 and its waiting for approval.

Global Moderator 1 can see post no.1 and no.2
Global Moderator 2 can see post no.3
Global Moderator 3 cant see any post for approval
Admin can see all posts for approval

Whats wrong? All Global moderators has the same forum priviledges.


Odd, Do the Global Moderators all have the same settings and do they all have 'Global Moderator' as their primary membergroup?

Have you installed any mods which may have caused this?
Do you have any related errors in your error log?
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Yes, they all have same settings and Global Moderator as their primary.

The only mod I've installed is Ad Managment (however is not in use)

I've checked my logs, but nothing suspicious in there. Well, maybe except this:

"The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: is_approved
Function: MergeIndex"

My mods getting this error whenever they're trying to merge any topic, that occurs since upgraded my forum to 2.0


Also are the boards the person is posting into set to local permissions?
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Some boards are set to local and some are not, but all the posts that was "invisible" for my moderators were posted on Default permision boards.


Is this issue resolved yet? If not, you may want to backup your forum database and then upload the large upgrade package for SMF 2.0. Run the upgrade again to see if it helps.


You should make sure this isn't related to the totalMembers bug. Search SMF for totalMembers for a fix of that bug.