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change font of SSI output??

Started by reves, August 30, 2008, 10:55:15 AM

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Hey guys..  is anybody able to advise me on how to change the font properties of the recent posts list when I include it on my front page of my site? I'm using the include function of ssi.php.  as it is right now it's not conforming with my link, hover or font size properties...

much appreciated..


You will need to create another stylesheet with a different property for the SSI Functions.

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Depending on how you coded it in your front page, you can just enclose the SSI functions in HTML font tags. Here's a simple example:



' <font face="Verdana">' ssi_recentPosts '</font>';


thanks guys. greyknight, I have tried to use the syntax you suggested, but it doesnt seem to work? i have the php include working in general, because it does show up in the standard ugly font. but once I change it to how you have it, it doesnt show anything?


Try using 'ssi_recentPosts()' instead of 'ssi_recentPosts'. ;)
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