Converting from YaBB 2.2.3

Started by trepanne, October 04, 2008, 12:05:13 AM

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Okay, following up on this:

We're discussing two apparent bugs:
1) The YaBB converter seems to truncate edited posts, and
2) The YaBB converter seems to truncate posts with certain kinds of whitespace.

I am unable to replicate problem (1).  I suspect that it's actually not true; it's just that the post edits contained bad whitespace, so got truncated.

The actual bug is (2).  I opened up a Python interpreter, then cut&pasted a post from the old YaBB forum that was getting truncated as a Python string so that I could analyze each character of the whitespace.

It looks like the conversion process is choking on '\xc2\xa0' in UTF-8, which is what an HTML ' ' translates to.

So instead of setting up my new SMF forum with UTF-8 character set, as I'd been doing, I instead tried setting it up as ISO-8859-1.  This seems to fix all the problems (although I'll be looking around for any more bugs).

I think I can get by with ISO-8859-1, because all the forum content is in English... but just a heads-up, it seems that the YaBB converter isn't compatible with UTF-8, if that's an issue for anybody else.

Thanks again for your support, it's much appreciated.



Doesn't make much sense why the converter isn't understanding the UTF-8 characters.
I guess we could try to replace those characters with a preg_replace if you think that is going to work for you.

If you are using non latin characters, then you are bound to have issues if you are not using UTF-8 for SMF.
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Sleepy, my problem is basically solved.  I really don't need nonroman characters, so latin charset is good enough for me.  I'm just providing some feedback on what I found to help you or anybody else who encounters a similar problem in the future.

Thanks very much, you really helped me get it working.  We're subjecting SMF to serious testing in the process of switching over.


I am hesitant to start a new thread as my issue relates directly to the aforementioned problems.  I have almost 100% successfully converted a YaBB 2.5 AE forum over to SMF via IamTheBoy's instructions located here:

I utilized the yabb24_to_smf.php and converter.php located in mrtoner's reply #11 here:

Direct link to yabb24_to_smf.php and converter.php zip file:;topic=344465.0;attach=156540

I can confirm the issue of posts getting truncated was resolved by using the  ISO-8859-1 standard rather than UTF-8.

Attachments have transferred and are properly associated with every post that has not been edited.

The only remaining issue is that attachments associated with YaBB posts that have been edited hare no longer properly associated with the posts and do not appear in the thread.

Any advice with regard to isolating the cause and potentially resolving the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,