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Yansima [Responsive 2.0]

Started by gecitli, September 14, 2016, 04:58:05 AM

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Link to the theme

Some information about Yansima theme.

1) Google Material design guidelines were used.

2) For Icon Font Awesome (framework) It was used.

3) Respenzive (Mobile compatible)miss you.

Yansima teması hakkında bazı bilgiler;

1) Google Material design kuralları kullanıldi.

2) İkonlar için Font Awesome (framework) kullanıldi.

3) Respenzive (Mobil uyumlu)özlik.

The theme uses CSS3 and HTML5 so wont work in older browsers.

Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

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I like it. The bottom border of the menu tabs are a very good touch. IMO, I think you should have worked a little bit more the poster info. But the theme in general is great.

Regards :)
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This is the nicest smf theme i have ever found.  I have made a few adjustments which was easy, my only issue is that in the header area is a circle with the member avatar in it and just o the right is the users name.  The name runs to the left and is partly covered by the avatar.

How can this be adjusted  ?

Please email me at [email protected] with your reply as i am very seldom here, but i would appreciate any help with this fix, as i find your theme great except for this one glitch.  Thanx in advance  :)


Apart from what was told above, the theme has few bugs that I noticed, but I assume it's because it's outdated nowadays.

Anyhow, I noticed problem with login popup (index.template.php should be edited and session check should be added there), search icon is not showing, as well as message icon next to the username.
And quite interesting is that when someone collapse category on boardIndex - it disappear completely and can not be shown unless you change the theme to default and expand it there.

Thought that I should just post a note, so you know that there's few things that should be tweaked in order the theme to work nicely. :)