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Can someone help me with the invite mod and SMF 2.0?

Started by QOY, October 17, 2008, 04:47:08 PM

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Hi I just upgraded to 2.0 beta 4 and was wanting some assistance in re-installing the invite mod.
I am unable to do it with the package manager because I get a lot of "test failed"

I am having a hard time doing it manually because when I look at certain files to modify them the code it says to look for is not there.

For example it states:

find: "// This block is only concerned with email address validation.."

Add before: " // Invite MOD. Change the number of inviter. if

(!empty($_POST['inviter']) && (int)$_POST['inviter'] != 0 && (int)$_POST['inviter'] != $memID && allowedTo('moderate_forum')) { global $sourcedir; require_once($sourcedir . '/Invite.php'); if (inviter($memID)) db_query(" UPDATE {$db_prefix}invites SET ID_MEMBER = {$_POST['inviter']} WHERE ID_REGISTRATION = $memID LIMIT 1", __FILE__, __LINE__); else db_query(" INSERT INTO {$db_prefix}invites (ID_MEMBER, ID_REGISTRATION) VALUES ({$_POST['inviter']}, $memID)", __FILE__, __LINE__); } elseif (isset($_POST['inviter']) && empty($_POST['inviter'])) { db_query(" DELETE FROM {$db_prefix}invites WHERE ID_REGISTRATION = $memID LIMIT 1", __FILE__, __LINE__); } "

Yet I can not find the part that says "// "// This block is only concerned with email address validation.."

I am having this problem with many of the files that need to be modified?
Any ideas?


Unless the mod has been updated to work with 2.0, then most of the code will not just copy over to the 2.0 code base.  2.0 has change a lot, including the way it makes database calls.  I suggest asking the author for help or asking when he/she plans on updating it, if at all.
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