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SESSION[\'login_url\'] not working, need help

Started by drool, October 31, 2008, 11:56:49 AM

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I might miss this looking through all of the search results.

here is the problem

When I click on the link from an email notification like this:;topicseen#new [nofollow]

It opens up the smf login page, but when I login it redirects me to the index page of the forum, supposedly I should be redirected to the topic link above.

am I missing something??

Thanks in advance!!!!


I made this to work by:

In LogInOut.php--> function DoLogin()

Changing this:
redirectexit('action=login2;sa=check;member=' . $user_info['id'], $context['server']['needs_login_fix']);

to this:
redirectexit($_SESSION['login_url'], $context['server']['needs_login_fix']);