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Errors with Energy Theme

Started by nairolf, November 03, 2008, 12:31:59 PM

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I've just upgraded my forum to version 2.0  Beta 4 with the Energy Theme you propose on this website.

1) The fact is I've noticed 2 errors in the "error log" (I don't know the right word because I'm using a French version of SMF) :

8: Undefined index: disable_avatar
Fichier: / (main sub template - eval?)
Ligne: 142

8: Undefined index: display_childboards
Fichier: / (main sub template - eval?)
Ligne: 142

Everytime an user displays the board index, this error appears in the log.

I've made some research and it seems to be due to a translation issue (I have a French version of SMF).

2) Moreover, I've noticed that some expressions are not translated in the profile area.

QuoteShow the last posts of this person.
Show general statistics for this member.

How can I fix this manually ? (which file ?)

3) Last question : the button "Mark all topics as read" doesn't exist with this theme. Is it possible to add it manually ?

Thank you very much !



Welcome to Simple Machines.

This could be an issue with the theme rather than with the software. You should utilize the support thread for that theme.


Thanks and sorry for the mistake I did not know where to post it  :-\