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Database backup

Started by doing007, November 19, 2008, 02:27:06 PM

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Hi i have used 2 smf in one host
one is main domain and another one is sub domain

now i want to take that main site database backup in to the put in another sub domain smf site can any one suggest me how do i do this
after downloading database of SMF how do i upload it to another SMF site


You can't do it through your SMF admin centre. You'll need cpanel, and specifically you'll need the phpMyAdmin section of cpanel.
You'll also need to run repair_settings.php after uploading the database. You will probably also need to manually reset the paths for any custom themes, and possibly the paths for smileys as well.


when i m applying backup to new smf it showing the following error

it says that backup file is large . u can check the attachments plz


So what does the documentation say about it?

Jade Elizabeth

You need to split it up into parts, or you need to change the values in the php.ini file (or something). SMF can't help you with this, if you're having issues you will need to contact your host :).
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