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Using Chinese Characters with an English Language set.

Started by PiPi, November 27, 2008, 11:16:37 PM

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Apologies for starting a new topic on this - but If i can't get this fixed then I'll be forced to ditch SMF and try something else - and I REALLY don't want to do that.

I've done everything that all the topics suggest I should do, but still Chinese Characters won't show on a post in my forums.  I know that Chinese characters work ok, as I use them on my website (same one the forums are part of) and they work ok on that.  When I create a new thread or post and I do a 'Preview', the characters show up ok - but then when I do 'Post', the characters become question marks again.  I've even had a Chinese person try to post from another computer that is set up using WinXP Chinese and it doesn't work for them.  I'm definitely using UTF-8, I've got the Chinese language pack installed and I've used 'Forum maintenance>Convert html to UTF-8' and still it doesn't work?  PLEASE help.

The site and forums are at www.maninthecorner.com and www.maninthecorner.com/Forums/index.php

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