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Stop Spammer

Started by M-DVD, December 31, 2008, 07:31:43 AM

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The link is working for me. Maybe it was down when you were trying.

Thanks it work. I restarted router.

But in the admin forum it gives me this error:
8: Undefined index: types
File: /home/content/g/i/v/xxx/html/Sources/ManageMembers.php
Line: 381

I am using ver 2.3.6
I have discovered new bug. After a spammer registers, the member count is reduced to the actual good members. I have to reset count from forum maintaince to get real stats. can this be fixed?

Line number 381 is:
$_POST['types'][$param_name] = '=';

This error comes exactly when a spammer registers and is caught as a spammer and pending for an approval.


Snoopy, I hope you get maintenance rights to this mod ASAP, this one is priceless :)

Big bug..
I as admin just tried to check a member as it was yellow. And I got stuck as it made all members yellow and now as a admin I cannot login as I need approval.

What to do?

some how managed to rectify the database and set is spam,er value to 1 from 3

But this is a bug and you should not allow the mod to check the user name admin


I love the mod. Have been using it for a year or more.
I am the admin and I have to approve all membersships to the forum

I had two spammers try and register this morning.
Both emails and IP's were listed in the database.
The user names were not listed because they just made them up.

I followed the link to the Stop Fourm spam site on both spammers and saw that they both had used the same email and IP many times, they had just created 50 or more new user names.

I know you can report a member as a spammer, but I don't see a way to report these non members and their new user names as spammers in SMF ??


I haven't done this myself, but the way I understand it.....

You can register with the Stop Spam site at which time you'll be given and API key.  Take that key and paste into the box in the admin area on your forum.  Then you can report spammers.    ;)

Someone please correct me if that's wrong.... :)


Yes, I can report members as spammers already in SMF

This is only if they are already a member.
What I am talking about is being able to report a new user name of a known spammer on the Member awaiting approval screen

See the screen shot I posted above?
That is the members awaiting approval screen
those two spammers are known spammers that are trying to join my forum with a new user name that has not been identified as a known spammer user name
Both those spammers had 25 or so user names on their Stop forum spam profile page.

if a member is not checked because there was a database connection error , it will be marked yellow.
The admin after some times tries to check that yellow member. But there seems to be an database problem still existing. Then comes the big BUG.
When the admin tries to check the yellow member, all the members including admin is turned yellow.

Then admin cannot login.
I hope  the maker of the mod understands what I am trying to say.
Only option left is to manually go to database and change admin settings back to normal.


When deleting a spammer flagged red, it somehow turned all other members to 'unchecked'  blocking everyone out, including the admin. We've had to reset the admin account in the db, log in and approve all the existing members to restore the forum.

This has happened twice in two days and we are thinking of unplugging this mod. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Can anyone suggest a cure?


I can say I'm not having the same problems as Tamsin and givaway365 and having. I check my pending members daily. I check the yellow ones and then delete all the spammers. Every day no problem. I'm on 1.1.11 and it's fairly stock.


The  Stop Forum Spam site has been down since yesterday

Anyone know what's up with that?

Attack on the site by spammers???


Hi givaway365. You and I seem to be suffering from the same bug. Mine is v2.3. What's yours? I'm thinking we should uninstall this mod but we get so many spammers registering every day and the mod does successfully flag them all. I just don't dare deleting them in case it goes wobbly again!


@EL34xyz: The site is up for me. Maybe a routing problem between you and them. BUT I did have several "Yellow" registrations. Maybe they were down earlier.


The forum server still cannot check the spammer database.

I cannot browse

All other browsing is fine, nothing is wrong with the internet connection or the server.

Did you browse to the actual site to see if it was up?


Yup and 5 minutes ago I got a spammer red flagged so the DB connection is working too.


Edit: Ok, I called a buddy and had him go to the stopforumspam site and he was able to get there.
I figured something must be wrong with my cache files.
I deleted all my temp IE8 files and now I can browse the site.
All is good to go now