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Brige v3.01

Started by Kindred, February 19, 2005, 01:52:20 AM

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how can i upgrade from 2.2 to 3.01 ?


I would like to know this as well. Do I just upload all the files and go? there does not seem to be a good write up on the proper method.


If upgrading* from 2.2 to 3.01, you can just overwrite the files, or you can uninstall 2.2 and install 3.01.  If you have a bridge earlier than 2.2, delete the bridge component menu item and empty the Mambo trash before uninstalling.

When upgrading, please remember to install the mambo.tar.gz in the SMF package manager before you click the update link in the bridge config.  The link in the bridge config will update smf.php with any changes made to SMF's index.php.  The mambo.tar.gz package enables the bridge login/logout.  So, if you click the link before installing that package, the updater will update smf.php with an index.php that does not have the bridge login/logout enabled.  This will effectively disable your ability to login and logout if you do not access SMF directly.

Also, remember that either way you upgrade, the file config.smf.php will most likely be overwritten, so you will most likely have to reconfigure.

If something is not working*, ask further questions before uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.

*I often state that uninstalling and reinstalling is no solution to problems.  It is absolutely horrible trying to troubleshoot something when somebody is uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.  It leads only to frustration.

When you are uninstalling and reinstalling the exact same piece of software to try to solve a problem, you are accomplishing absolutely nothing, except for frustrating yourself, and in some cases, making your situation worse.

When you are upgrading, it is OK:  At least you are changing something, and probably not because you are seeing an error message. 

So, uninstalling one version to install another is OK.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the same version over and over is futile at best.


What does this error mean when I try to logout.

Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/****/public_html/portal/components/com_smf/smf.php on line 199


Im planning on a fresh install of the bridge.  I think I screwed up somewhere down the line.  I dont think I installed the SMF package after the main component.  Man, this is all new bridge here. I memorized the old way, and missed some steps! 

Can you tell me what I need to delete in PHPMYADMIN before I make the clean install?  Thanks.


I just took out everything and started the bridge from scratch. then used the upgrade script. It worked! ;D


February 21, 2005, 11:59:16 AM #26 Last Edit: February 21, 2005, 06:12:51 PM by ago-stino
QuoteKindred said: In the login module, I have logout redirects set to my main mambo site.... but it drops me into the SMF component. (logins work properly)

Same problem here. My address: http://3d-wip.org [nofollow]   :-[

SMF 1.0.1, Mambo (brand new install yesterday, it works smoothly no problem, same database of SMF), Bridge 3.01

Are there, maybe, any common (bad) procedures which lead to that kind of error? I admit: I was a little hasty, and I forgot, like trenchteam, to install the registration component before the login one (and I did get the same error). So I installed the registration component, then I modified the MOS_SMF.php as suggested, because I need a stand alone version of the forum, then (or before, I don't remember, I installed the SMF mod mambo.tar.gz package, then (or before? and this could be the issue....I would like to crash my head on the wall, because usually I take a good care on this kind of stuffs, but today maybe I was a little tired, I'm working too much) I clicked the "update" link on the Mambo SMF page (edit: and I see this message:
"Notice: Undefined variable: smf_path in /home/thrdwipo/public_html/administrator/components/com_smf/admin.smf.php on line 42
Success". I don't know...the absolute path is correct...)



And If I try to log out from the main mambo home page, I'm logged out and redirected to the Forum but just a while before I see a page with this error message: "Notice: Undefined index: returnurl in /home/thrdwipo/public_html/2D-3D-forum/Sources/MOS_SMF.php on line 363"  (?)

EDIT 2. I forgot, "only in Firefox not in Explorer" if I log out from inside the Forum, I'm actually logged out, but I get a blank white page. But Zip output is disabled in Mambo..  ..the same if I log "in" from inside the forum.

Q. What would I like to achieve?
A. To be logged out to the main mambo home page, and to not see any error ever more.    :)

EDIT 3: Should I start a new topic with this?

EDIT 4: ok I submitted a new topic:

http://3d-wip.org [nofollow]