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Started by sloopz, January 25, 2009, 05:52:09 PM

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This board has been set up so authors can show a preview and get reviews of their themes, smilies or even button sets before they submit them. Originality is something that was big but as the user base and theme base of SMF has grown it has gradually stopped, to make way for mass designing, even though this is good as it increases the number of themes the spirit of helping each other, working together has been lost, many of the long time designers used this technique to improve their skills and see what people wanted. To get an idea simply search the Graphics and Templates board as well as the Themes board and you will see many discussions about development of themes.

To keep flow better we have set a few rules for this board:

  • No support: Please do not ask for support on SMF nor the creations on this board; this board is for previews only.
  • Use [Preview] in subject: This is simply so people can see it is a preview and keeps everyone on the same level (example. [Preview] Something cool )
  • Original work only: on this board we want to see unique and original work, nothing copyrighted, nothing made by someone else, simply your own work.
  • Stay calm: This is important. Please accept all reviews, remember: negative reviews are just as beneficial as positive ones.
We all look forward to seeing what the users here at Simple Machines can come up with.

The Customization Team