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Started by sloopz, January 25, 2009, 05:52:09 PM

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This board has been set up so authors can show a preview and get feedback for their themes, avatars pack, or even smileys as they are being designed/developed.
For support please refer to the Graphics and Templates board as well as the Themes board.

For this board you should follow some basic rules:
  • No support: Please do not ask for support on SMF nor the creations on this board; this board is for previews only.
  • Use [Preview] in subject: This is simply so people can see it is a preview and keeps everyone on the same level (example: [Preview] Something cool )
  • Original work only: On this board we want to see unique and original work, nothing copyrighted, nothing made by someone else, simply your own work.
  • Stay calm: This is important. Please accept all reviews, remember: negative reviews are just as beneficial as positive ones.
  • Attachments: While this is not enforced, we encourage authors, designers and developers to use the attachments feature, as a more reliable form of preservation of their work.

We all look forward to seeing what the users here at Simple Machines can come up with.

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