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'How did you find us?' mod?

Started by Treguard001, January 27, 2009, 06:29:34 AM

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Is anybody aware of such a mod. Basically so when someone registers for the forum, they're asked to select how they found the website. This would be a fantastic marketing tool.

Then perhaps have a page for the mod within the admin centre with stats.



Good idea ! Maybe a field when they signup .


Currently in SMF2 you can add extra field in profile which can be shown during registration. But I guess no feature to show its stats.


Obviously I don't mind if it's not possible to have detailed stats for now, but if someone has the time to tell me how I'd go about adding a field to the registration form and then making the forum automatically record this information and make it viewable to the administrator, I'd really appreciate it.


Well on my 1.1.7 forum I am using this mod . "Custom Profile Field Mod      3.19" However when I searched the custom site a few days back I could not find it. So I am not sure if it has been removed or what. On my SMF2 site I am using the built in feature of this one. I find it gives me all the info I need when I have a new member registering on my forums

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