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Link to Mod

 Feachers of the Shoutbox
*  its for Members , guests can only read the messages .
* login to the shoutbox is done when login to the forum
* Admins will have the possibility to delete a message with one click on the Date of the  message , also Admins can block a Member for 1 hour , the blocking is  done with  a click on the user's name
* freeing the blocked Member is done with a click on the name in the blocklist
* Members Avatars will be displayed
* font color choice 12 colors
* font styles italic, bold , underline , strike
* Smileys

The login to the box lasts for 24 hours as long as the user (forum member) didn't logout , after that
a new login to the Forum is needed to use the shoutbox.

Whats new in version 1.3

messages can be submitted with return key
more security by disabling writing javascript within messages.
the shoutbox can be closed and opened

1.Installation with the default Theme :
simply use the Package Manager to Install the Package
uninstalling is also to be done via the Package Manager
all the Mod files and Tables will be removed

2.Installing on a Custom Theme :
use the Manual Installation, after Installation , it is better to remove InstallNshout.php from your server
uninstalling is done via the 'uninstall_Nshoutbox.php' file
this will remove the Mod Tables from the Database
remove the  Mod files and place back the backup copies of
the BoardIndex.template.php , index.template.php , Login.template.php and LogInOut.php files

3.Installing on SMF with Portals like Simple Portal
do the Manual Installation except the Code for the BoardIndex.template.php
put this following code in a php block :

Code: [Select]
///////////////// Nshoutbox 1.3 By Nabil F. Schaker ///// 
/////////////// Email ////////////////////

<script  language="javascript">
document.write('<iframe style="margin-bottom:0px; width:220px; height:490px; vertical-align:middle" Frameborder="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" src="frames.php" ></iframe>');


<iframe style='width:160px; height:410px; vertical-align:middle' Frameborder='0' marginheight='0' scrolling="no" src='messg12.php' >

uninstalling is like mentioned above in point 2

Note: a new login is needed after Installation to use the Shoutbox

Live Demo

another Demo with Portal

test users: user1 , user2 , user 3
password : pass123