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SMF Bridge for Mambo 4.5.5

Started by Rasim Aeon, April 03, 2009, 09:11:36 PM

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Rasim Aeon

I am using a hosting service that provides Mambo and SMF.  I have been able to update to SMF 1.1.8 but the only version of Mambo is 4.5.3.  I have manually upgraded to 4.5.5 and made an attempt to update further, but jacked up my site.  So I am waiting for them to provide their updates so I can do it automatically.  Getting to the point....  I would like to bridge my Mambo 4.5.5 to my SMF 1.1.8, is this possible?  If so where can I find the bridge along with dummy-proof instructions? 

Thanks in advance


Mambo 4.5.x is no longer supported, and is a security risk.  You should upgrade to Mambo 4.6.5 ASAP.