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[3157] Top Topic Starters incorrectly sorted

Started by MegaByte, February 18, 2009, 01:13:06 AM

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Earlier today, I upgraded a forum from SMF 2.0b4 MySQL to 2.0 RC1 PostgreSQL.

For some reason, the Top Topic Starters list on the Stats page is not sorted by number of topics.  Instead, it's sorted by User ID.


Thx, I added it to the tracker.

Appears to be an issue with PostGresql, and orderby when used with a group by clause.


It looks like this got fixed, but what exactly was the fix, so that I can apply it to my boards?


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Thanks... though that didn't actually work for me.  Were there perhaps changes to the database functions?


Worked for me, thanks. (Though I don't think those stats are that important.)