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backup and restoring backup
« on: May 25, 2009, 06:37:53 AM »
hi guys i just had to move my smf forum to a new host was a pain staking task as the forum maintenance option wasnt giving proper database to download.the automatic backup script which i had was doing corrupted backps:(.

So to my forum  huge database (400MB uncompressed) i had to take help of third party tools like mysql dumper and big dump .

so my request is why doesn't SMF has a integrated backup function which is perfectly, and not only that after we have installed smf on our new host we just add the backup that was taken to one of the smf directory and then from the admin area we can install that backup,this is included as a default feature of VB, PHP BB , IPB etc without having to depend on third party tools.

Backup and restoring is like the basic stuff.The first thing a new webmaster is told to learn is how to backup and Restore the backup.

I am not sure about what cahnges have been done in smf 2.0 regarding backup ad restoration of backup,if its already have been added its good but if it hasnt been added i think  the staff of SMF should try and add this feature as in my point of view this should have been a basic feature right from the time when smf was first released,but still it isnt too late now also to add it.

I hope the staff here seriously considers this feedback.

Thank you  8)