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weird text (hacked, i believe)

Started by adam7979, May 26, 2009, 01:51:43 AM

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on the first page of my forumi have

function shrinkHeaderIC(mode)
smf_setThemeOption("collapse_header_ic", mode ? 1 : 0, null, "54dcafed722793a12a7d2713de3c7d47");
document.getElementById("upshrink_ic").src = smf_images_url + (mode ? "/expand.gif" : "/collapse.gif");

document.getElementById("upshrinkHeaderIC").style.display = mode ? "none" : "";

current_header_ic = mode;
// ]]></script>

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<div class="tborder" >

and it's random... just visit your main page and "view source" likely will see this **** ....


sorry about this, after i did a search on "casino" i found several other examples. kindly delete this one. thanks.