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Started by [S.W.T], May 29, 2009, 04:38:24 PM

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Marcus Forsberg


There is a problem with the link tree and it's style.  It shows black text on a dark gray background and is almost unviewable.  Plus, the link tree style inherits from the rest of the stylesheet...this means that when you change the CSS yourself, it doesn't reflect because it's still inheriting from further in the stylesheet.

The tree itself, when going into subforums, does a 'stairstep effect'.  Instead  of this:

forum > subforum > topic

You get this:

forum >
             subforum >

This means that if you have long forum names or man subforums, the theme is almost unusable.

Also, the link tree is echo'd 2's put inside the white block at the top AND just above the forum.  This is redundant and when echoing the linktree like I show above, it means that over half of your screen is taken up by the link tree.

I think this theme is red hot's really nice...especially with a smaller header.  But I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get the link tree to behave.  I may just take it completely out (which would suck) just to get it to work...if you could fix it, that'd be really great...I don't theme enough in SMF to really fix it.

PS:  Yes, I did select 'Enable inline links' doesn't do anything at all.


Hi.  This is a great theme.  Just struggling to find how to change some of the text colour.  I have looked all through the styles but cant find it. Some of the text that is black is set again a very dark background and makes it very hard to see.  Can anyone give me a clue, if you know this theme, what I should be changing?




Its ok.  change of plan and theme, thanks.