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December 01, 2021, 05:28:46 AM


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Help about "core files"!!??

Started by mr.EMi, May 28, 2009, 09:35:49 AM

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Hello everyone!!

PLease guys can you tell me something about this files:

core.12350  "size 37 MB"
core.29021  "size 38 MB"
core.8319    "size 36 MB"

they are in "root forum's folder" !!

and tell me if i can delete them or not???




These topics give some explanation of what core files are.  If you search the forum for "core files" you will get more.

I have had them myself in the past and deleted them with no ill effects but please read the above topics and then make your own decision.

I recently upgraded to 2.0 rc1-1 and afterwards did get a 30+mb core file, but since I've had them before I did delete it and the forum is working fine.

But as I said, please read the above before deleting anything.  My gut feeling is that they can be deleted but you would really want to find out why they have occurred since there are more than one of them


Thank you so much "quiteperplexed"   ;) :D O:)


mr.EMi,  have your core files continued to be created?