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Display of images within posts on 2.0 RC1~1

Started by C4G-TK, June 11, 2009, 05:29:16 PM

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Hey there.

I have a question/problem that is starting to really bother me here.  I have a couple forum members who are saying that they are unable to see the images that they themselves post in a reply.  They can see the image show in the preview, but when they hit submit, the image is not shown.

Other people can see the images, but they can't.  Now, currently, everyone is in the same REGULAR MEMBERGROUP, so it has nothing to do with a specific membergroup permission.  Also, it seems to not be specific to browser because some are on firefox, internet explorer, and one person on safari.  Also, it doesn't seem to be specific to operating system since they are on XP, Vista, and one on a Mac.

They CAN see avatars, attachments used by uploading a file, and the images used for the Avatar on Board and Images On Boards mod.  The images that they CAN'T see are within the [img][/img] tags.  And, if I remember correctly, they can see the signatture images fine as well.

So... what do I need to check?  Like I said, this isn't everyone that is a member, just a few people.

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It may have nothing to do (and I apologize in advance in that case for taking your time), but just to be sure, can you please check if this attachment problem may be the result of a hack: you can download the kb_scan.php file here, upload it at the root of your forum, as it says, and run in directly in browser.
Eventually, please check if you have/had a user named krisbarteo or MagicOPromotion.
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Yeah, I asked them to do a hard refresh already.  They can still see images posted by others, but not images that they themselves posted.

So, if I post an image they can see it, but if they post an image they can't see it when using the BBC tag.

Also, like I said, they can see it in preview, but they either get  one of the following when they submit their post...

They get the blue square w/ question mark in safari or they get the photobucket message that says the image has been moved or deleted...(even though everyone else sees the image that they posted.)

Also, this is from the person who uses safari:

Quote from: plong on June 04, 2009, 08:48:02 AM
OK, TK, here's something even stranger: I can see my photobucket-hosted images when I search through my posts under my profile, but then when I click through to the thread proper I can't see it again!  This is weird.

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Don't think it is browser related because it is cross systems and browsers.

The safari~mac user gets the blue square w/ question mark.

The firefox/internet explorer~xp/vista users get the photobucket message saying "this image has been moved or deleted"

Since he can see the image from within his PROFILE page, but can't see it from the THREAD, I'm thinking that this is the key factor.  What are the two templates involved here?  Would it be profile.template and post.template???  I'm going to have to assume that the profile.template file is fine and that maybe something is awry in the post.template file??  Would this be where I want to start looking or would it be a different template file?

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Hmmm, maybe I should upload a fresh Subs.php file????  Then, go back and redo all the edits manually for the mods that I have installed that made changes to anything in that file.

If that doesn't make a difference, I'm still stumped.

I thought maybe it would be the post.template file (or whatever file that is used to show the thread replies) since it appeared correctly when looking at it in their profile. 

I'll do the scan thing, too just in case, but I see nothing strange inside of MyPHPadmin for my database nor do I have any users that I don't already know.

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This could be awhile... I have a LOT Of mods!

(BTW, the scan showed all green, so nothing infected.)

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I haven't uploaded a fresh version of those files, but I did log into the account (with the his permission) and this is what happened.

As myself, I looked at a post that he had made with the BBC tags and could see the image.

Then, I logged in as him and looked at the same post.  I couldn't see the image.  Instead, I saw the "this image has been moved or deleted" message from photobucket.  I did a hard refresh and had the same result.  I cleared my cache on the browser and had the same result.

Still being logged in as him, I hit modify and then "preview" and I could see the image.  Then, I resubmitted the reply and couldn't see the image.

I logged back into my account and could see the image.  Because of this, I think I can put to rest that it is a browser or operating system error.

So, with that bit of information, is there a change to which files I should replace and upload again fresh?

Also, I went ahead and changed my one Admin account to a regular member account.  This is the same account that COULD see the images.  Once I changed it to a regular member account, I COULD STILL see the images, so it has nothing to do with membergroups.

Currently, there are only two membergroups that have members: Admin & Regular Members.

I can see the images with my account regardless of group I put myself.

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First off, THANK YOU for telling me how to remedy my situation.  It may seem like something easy for you and others, but this has been very worthwhile to me.

I figured out what is causing my problem.  It is a conflict with the Mark Reader Name Mod.  If you don't know about that mod, what it does is highlights the user's name when they read a post that has THEIR name in it.

In this case, the forum user's name is "plong".  When he looks at a post where his name is present, it automatically inserts a "glow" and "color" attribute.  On my forum it currently is this:


So, what happens is his photobucket account is the same name as his forum account on my forum.  Because it is in the link of the image, the Mod breaks his link and inserts the attributes above of "color" & "glow" around his name.  This is why it only effects images that the actual user posts and not images that other people posts when HE reads them!!!!

This is the difference in the code to show you...

On my account, I see this:
<img src="" alt="" class="bbc_img" />

On his account, plong sees this:
<img src="[glow=purple,2,300][color=yellow]plong[/color][/glow]/slap.gif" alt="" class="bbc_img" />

Therefore, it breaks the link and gives him the error message from photobucket saying THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN MOVED OR DELETED!

I'm going to inform the Mod Author to see if he can figure out a correction to his mod in order to prevent this from happening!

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for telling me how to figure this out!  MUCH APPRECIATED!

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Thank you very much for sharing the details of the explanation, C4G-TK! It was a good reading :)
To-do lists are for deferral. The more things you write down the later they're done... until you have 100s of lists of things you don't do.

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No problem.  I'm going to mark this as solved even though it technically hasn't been solved in the mod.

I did a message in the support thread, so if people use this mod and run into the same problems of images not appearing for certain people... they should go check out that thread to see when/if a fix has been made.

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