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Aeva 6.9.99 and earlier (old)

Started by karlbenson, October 14, 2007, 06:22:33 PM

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Message To All

This topic had gone to over 1000 posts long over the many iterations of the mod.

I am now introducing version 4.0 which has been completely re-written from scratch.
Therefore I decided that it would be beneficial to start a fresh.

So this is the support topic for any PRE-v4.0 versions.  Eventually when I get to the point of recommend that people upgrade to v4.0, I will of course lock this topic.

The NEW support topic for version 4.0 can be found

And v4.0 is now available from the mod site.


By Karl Benson

Link to Mod | Support Topic | Demo | Donate

For SMF 1.1.x and SMF 2.0 Beta x

Automatically embed video and audio clips in your SMF forum posts from OVER 130+ sites including YouTube/DailyMotion/MetaCafe/GoogleVideo/BBC Iplayer (uk only) from urls. Without the need for bbcode or messy html.

Just copy the url from your address bar into a post (like let the mod will do the rest. Its the ultimate user-friendly way of posting clips.

35+ of those sites require doing a 'lookup' on posting to get the actual embed url/filename in order for embedding to work.
This may not work on all servers. (Such as those with PHP Safe Mode and/or OpenBaseDir enabled).

Features [New in v3.1 shown in bold]
o Supports the following; [Sites shown in red require 'lookups' in order to work.]
- YouTube (Normal|Playlists), Google Video, Dailymotion, BBC Iplayer (UK Only) , Megavideo, MetaCafe,, Aniboom, AOL Uncut,, AtomFilms, AtomFilms Uploads, Bebo, Biku,,,, BrightCove, CellFish,, ClipMoon,,, Coldlink (Anti Video Hotlinkers), CollegeHumor, ComedyCentral/TheDailyShow,, Old, New,,,,,,,,, dv.ouou, EASportsWorld,, ESPN, FunnyOrDie, Gamespot, Gametrailers, Gametrailers User Movies,, GameVideos, GarageTv.Be,, GoEar, Glumbert, Godtube, Gofish Videos, Gofish Channels,, Guba, (US Only),, IFilm, IGN,, Imeem (Music|Playlists|Video), IndyaRocks, (Turkish),,,,,,,, Koreus,,, LiveLeak, LiveVideo,, MotionBox, MSN Live/Soapbox Video, Mofile,, Mtvu, MusOpen, MySoccerMedia, / (Chinese), MySpaceTv, MyVideo, M Thai, (Flash Video only), OnSmash,, Photobucket,, Project Playlist, PutFile,, Redlasso, Revver, Seeqpod, Sevenload,,, Smotri, Snotr,,,,,,,,,, Tudou, UUME, Veoh,,,,,,,,,, Vidivodo,,,, Yahoo (Except HK), Yahoo HK Only, Yahoo Music,,
o No configuration necessary
- No admin settings/permissions to fiddle with. Install and DONE!
o Works for all themes/languages, no manual edits necessary
o Lookups to grab the actual video url/filename, enabling sites to be supported which could not be previously
- On POSTING, the mod checks the post for links to sites that require lookups
- This may not work on all servers (Such as PHP Safe Mode and/or OpenBaseDir enabled)
- Doing a lookup is likely to count towards your host bandwidth limits. (But it should only be eg 20kb each time)
- Lookups will NOT affect pre-existing posts.  You'll need to edit the post to make it do the lookup.
o Use [noembed][/noembed] bbcode to prevent links being converted to embedded clips
o Prevents embedding inside quote and code blocks
o Hard-coded limit to number to converted links per page (to prevent flash overload/browser crash)
- Only applies to links converted by this mod
o Disabled for Printer Friendly pages & Signatures (& on SMF 2.0 inside the WYSIWYG)
o Safe from security standpoint
- They can't just embed ANY object hosted ANYWHERE, it only works for trusted supported sites
- Properly validates/sanitizes/parses the video id before including it in the url
- Disables script access (allowScriptAccess="never")
o Since all the videos are hosted by external sites, it won't consume your bandwidth
o The mod does NOT allow embedding of video/audio clips on your own site.
o It is possible to have both this mod and the YouTube BBCode mod installed at the same time. They won't conflict.

Since the mod only converts active links, it is recommended to have the setting "Automatically link posted URLs" enabled.
(via Admin > Posts & Topics > Bulletin Board Code)
Other than that there are no admin settings with this mod. Uninstall the mod to disable it.

Note: Some users have reported that the players won't go fullscreen. This maybe caused by bugs in some versions of Adobe Flash Player when wmode="transparent" is in use. Check & Get the Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player.

Note: Are some YouTube clips not working? YouTube has recently started allowing clip authors to prevent users external embedding their clips.  So if a YouTube clip doesn't work, check at youtube for the embed code. Where it says "Embedding disabled by request", those clips will only work when viewed at YouTube.

Note: Some users reporting issues with VEOH.  It appears some of their videos now will only work by installing their crappy VEOHTV player

Any previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version.

Install the mod via the SMF Package Manager, and your done. It installs on ALL themes automatically as it only affects Source files.
There are NO theme edits required and there are NO language strings to translate.

Useful Links
SMF Package Parser
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?

Has this modification helped you? Support the developer by Donating

The mod has been designed to be fully functional 'out of the box' and not require any configuration or manual edits.
However some 'hardcoded' capability/hooks have been included for those who understand php/smf and maybe wish to customize the mod.

Enable/Disable Specific Sites
In Sources/Subs-AEVAC.php each supported site can quickly and easily be enabled/disabed by changing the
'enabled' => 1, to 'enabled' => 0, and vice versa.
For better performance, remove any sites that you won't ever use.

Increase/Decrease The Limit On The Number Embedded Objects Per Page
Too much flash can be bad for your health (eg it will crash your browser).  Thats why the limit was put in place.
IE, Firefox, Opera etc start kicking and screaming if you get over 10 objects.
Open Sources/Subs-AEVAC.php
static $autoembedmax = 12 ;
Change 12 to another number. Use -1 for no limit (Not Recommended).

Disabling Embedding In Specific Areas
By default embedding is disabled in signatures.
Some people requested a way to disable it for other sections such as Shoutbox.
You must find in the relevant SOURCE file where that string or data is put through the function "parse_bbc"
And on the line BEFORE it, put
$context['disableAEVAC'] = 1 ;

o Please don't ask me to do the edits for you
o Please use the modification thread for support with this modification such as bugs/video & audio site requests, HOWEVER
o Please DON'T ask me to help to make this mod support videos hosted on your OWN site.
Sorry, but I don't have the time nor the desire. You may find someone to write the regex patterns for you by posting a request in the Help Wanted board.

Before requesting that I support an additional video/audio site, please note that despite v3.1 being able to lookup/grab the embeddable url, it has still not been possible to include the following sites;
o (Don't allow external embedding),,  Grapheine (,,
o (Javascript based) Veeple,,,
o (Can't get to work atm), FileFront, (uses WMP, not flash), Yatahonga,, Pitchfork Tv.
o (Dead sites?),,
o (Not audio/video so won't be supporting),
o (Uses Divx not flash) (Although originally the mod did have support for divx with Stage6, IMO its not worth it for a small amateurish video site).
o Todou playlists (they are individual links, not a single flash)
(For those I've been unable to get working I will keep trying for subsequent versions.)

Requested sites I will try to add for future versions (to save people requesting them again).
- BBC (non-iplayer ones)

No adult/porn site requests please as I am not supporting them.

Thanks for Contributions
o Din 1031 - Re Faster performance with static/array
o Eliana Tamerin - Re Answering many support questions
o Nao - Re continued bug reports
(and thanks to anyone who has helped with suggestions, answered questions, and those I may have missed)

(Optional) Convert Old Video BBCode
(Mysql users only) If you have had video bbcode mods previously installed eg [youtube], then you might want to use my convert_old_video_bbcodes.php script to convert bbcoded video links to normal links (and therefore make those links work with this mod).

Use this at your OWN risk.
This cannot be undone, so backup your database and files prior to running it.
Upload it via ftp to your directory where SMF runs from. Put your forum in maintenance mode, and then point to it in your browser.
For security reasons, remove the file once completed.
o Only applies to topics/posts.
o Works for valid links or ids
o Works for both types of bbcode (with or without sizes)
o Converts the following bbcodes
[youtube], [yt], [ytplaylist], [stage6], [metacafe], [googlevid], [gv], [google_video], [gvideo], [dailymotion], [livevideo], [liveleak], [myvideo], [clipfish], [veoh]
Other uses of the bbcode will remain untouched.
o You can use the script at any time (with or without the AEVAC mod installed)

v3.1 - 13th July 2008
o Fixed so don't call function with an empty $_POST['message'] for both edits on Posting (Post.php) (Thanks Nao + others)
o Fixed Veoh - they changed their player. (Note Veoh seems to have lots of issues atm with videos not playing - its to do with their servers/script, and not this mod.)
o Added Din1031 fix for faster processing.  Stores as static arrays.
o Fixed - they changed the player link
o Added several new sites (see those on the list in bold)
o Renumbered all replacements $1, $2 etc increasing by 1 (as $1 is now the FULL raw link)
o Fixed (they changed their links AGAIN!)
o Added original raw link back into the post for most sites (except ones where the raw link = the embed link (eg $2))
o Added nolink variable to enable you to decide not to show links for specific sites.
o Fixed protection of code bbcode so don't get bbcode/links inside it
o Fixed so mod follows setting whether or not to autolinkurls
o Fixed protection script to be more optimized
o Fixed possibility of getting html link instead of expected bbcode version
o Wrote accompanying guide on how to add sites
o Fixed bug not clearing left over noembed bbcode
o Fixed 2.x only edit for WYSIWYG into separate file, so 1.1.x users don't get confused and try to add it
v3.1.1 - 13th July 2008
o Fixed utf8 issue
v3.1.2 - 18th July 2008
o Fixed utf8 posting issue (this time I've really fixed it) [Big thanks to everyone who helped debug this one)
(anyone using less than v3.1.2 is recommended to uninstall their version and install the latest one)
o Fixed utf8 lookup issue (re Mp3tube, Thx AllMassive)
o Disabled the link below the video, since noone liked it (can be uncommented inside subs-aevac.php)
For the full changelog for previous versions please see changelog.txt



You have made this so easy.  I hate to bring up yet another video site link.  but how can we add godtube to the list.

Here is the embed code for one of our videos we use.  We have used the Youtube version with your script and it works great

<embed src="" FlashVars="videoThumb=" wmode="transparent" quality="high" width="330" height="270" name="flv_demo" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" /></embed>

Thanks in advance


It will NOT be possible to support with this mod

It order to be able to work the exact video id from the embed code MUST appear in the video url.


EMBED: <embed src="" FlashVars="videoThumb=" wmode="transparent" quality="high" width="330" height="270" name="flv_demo" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" /></embed>

The video id is 31045, yet this does not appear in the url. Therefore it is not possible to support it.


Thanks for the try, maybe it will get modded some day.    Again Blessings and Thanks

flame baiter


Looks great, but...why no support for Veoh?   :)


Again, thank you for taking my request and turning it into a working mod. As you can see, by the replies here, it was wanted and a mod people will actually use. :)

My users thank you also, great job, great mods. God bless SMF


Quote from: flame baiter on October 14, 2007, 09:28:57 PM
Looks great, but...why no support for Veoh?   :)

Never heard of that one.

Looking at the site it should be possible to add it. (since the embed video id does occur in the links)


can work  the following Video sites of chinese in this mod?
please: | | |
thanks you!


is there a button for the people or do they just do the html embedding? I installed it and don't see a button.


wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ...... great mod .... i love .... i hope it would work on my board

for all desi people .... get everything u ever wanted.... log in to view hidden stuff.

flame baiter

Quote from: karlbenson on October 14, 2007, 10:21:43 PMNever heard of that one.

Looking at the site it should be possible to add it. (since the embed video id does occur in the links)

That would be cool, thanks!

Maybe this helps?    ;)



Quote from: jazzgirlzz on October 15, 2007, 01:51:18 AM
is there a button for the people or do they just do the html embedding? I installed it and don't see a button.

just paste the stated in the description, no buttons needed


another suggestion, would it be possible to add filefront to the list also? or is it a nogo like godtube?

right now we use something like:
[flash width=450 height=338][/flash]


filefront is a nogo. I'm afrai
That video id doesnt appear in the url link to the page.


please add gametrailers.
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Age of Conan Topsites" border="0" /></a>

Eliana Tamerin

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but if only the video url is posted, the post will come back with an error saying that there was nothing put into the message box.
Do NOT PM me for support.

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That is correct.  I just put a short description first.  A space or on a new line and the link.


This sounds like a really 'must-have' for Forums allowing ppl to post Videos - but unfortionatly it doesnt work for mine :(

I just installed it without any errors ..  .

All the Links you pasted just appear as normal Links on my Forum.

My Plugins (smf 1.1.4):
1.  3guks PJIRC Integrated Chat Mod  1.1    [ Deinstallieren ]  [ Dateien auflisten ]  [ Löschen ]
2. Deutsche Kalender Tage! 1.00 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
3. Wikipedia BBCode 1.2 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
4. SMF 1.1.2 Update Package 1.1.2 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
5. Trim Url 1.0.2 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
6. Seo 4 SMF [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
7. YouTube BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant) 1.2 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
8. Users Online Today Mod 1.4.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
9. Seo 4 SMF [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
10. Streaming 3 4.2.2b [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
11. MySpace BBC Tag 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
12. SMF Arcade 2.0.9 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
13. DailyMotion BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant) 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
14. MySpace Field 2.4 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
15. SMF Arcade PM Switch 1.0.1 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
16. Clipfish BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant) 1.3 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
17. MyVideo BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant) 1.3 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
18. Merge Double Posts 1.0.8 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
19. Merge Double Posts German Pack 1.0.8 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
20. mp3 Flash Player BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant) 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
21. SMF 1.0.11 / 1.1.3 Update 1.1 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
22. Read Topic Permission Mod 1.0.4 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
23. Google Member Map 0.60 [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
24. URL Popup 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
25. All External Links 1.2 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
26. Auto Embed Video Clips 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
27. Advanced Visual Verification 1.2 [ Modifikation anwenden ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]
28. SMF 1.0.12 / 1.1.4 / 2.0 b1.1 Update 1.0 [ Deinstallieren ] [ Dateien auflisten ] [ Löschen ]

Perhaps it interferes with one of my installed ones ? - I tried to add a link (stage6) that i dont have already any plugins installed - but still - just appears as a normal link  :'(