What is a mod and what are the posts here?

Started by [Unknown], April 14, 2005, 09:46:53 AM

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We understand that SMF does not include every feature that anyone could want.  It does not do everything in every possible way anyone could ever desire.  Unfortunately, it's impossible to, with just one thing, please every person.

However, mods make it possible to please more.  Even if the thing you want is not something common enough for a default feature, a mod can be written to give you exactly, or very near, what you want - without affecting anyone else.  This may not please everyone in the world, still, but it gets a lot closer ;).

What you have to remember, though, is that these are things that you want, or that a smaller interest group of people want.  Generally, developers on the team will be busy with developing that actual system, implementing changes most everyone wants, and debugging.  While we want you and everyone else to be happy, we only have so much time on our hands.

Mods are generally written by a third party.  For example, someone with the ability may come by, see your request, and say "hey, that sounds interesting.  I'll do it!"  This happens more than you might think, but it doesn't always happen for every one.  Inevitably, some feature will be ignored, too difficult, or too confusing... and no one will have the interest.  Please understand that a lot of time is put into things like writing mods, and as generous as people may be, when it's something they don't want often they won't do it.

If your request goes unanswered for some amount of time, you may wish to consider trying it yourself.  It may seem hard, and it can be... but you'll appreciate the experience in the long run.  And who knows, maybe someone else who wanted the mod will say to themselves, "wow... what a generous person."  It's a great feeling to have people say that about you, whatever the work involved.  And we'll help you learn too!

Good luck with your request,