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SMF and Joomla 1.5

Started by mistados, September 11, 2009, 05:39:03 AM

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Hello everyone, i hope you are all ok..

I have setup a website and i am using Joomla as my CMS, i know there are many forums i could use, but i love SMF and have already built my forum.

Is it possible for me to intergrate my SMF forum with my Joomla website?

As in, when someone registers at my website, and they browse to my SMF forum they will be logged in, or at least they will be recognised.

Has anyone had any experience doing this? is it hard? or even possible?



Sorry for the slow response
Please see Joomla Bridge Support. Due to Joomla's interpretation of the GPL, we no longer provide an official bridge although you can look at some of the third party bridges (such as JFusion). Alternatively you can use a different CMS that we have official support for (see the bridges download page :))
Former Support Team Lead
                              I recommend:
Namecheap (domains)
Fastmail (e-mail)
Linode (VPS)