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Re: I want to remove the icon's legend and jump to menu

Started by - danny, September 12, 2009, 07:16:25 PM

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- danny

I'd like help removing this column (highlighted). Can someone tell me where I do this?

I'm using a custom theme, via SMF 1.1.1 & T.P 0.9.8.

- danny

Marcus Forsberg

First of all, you should upgrade to SMF 1.1.10 ASAP as several security issues have been fixes since 1.1.1. (See: Upgrading SMF)

That column is removed from ./Themes/{your_theme}/MessageIndex.template.php.


edit display.template.php, messages.template.php and post.template.php
ai dont spik inglish
@ ol

- danny

Nas & D#S: Thanks. I've upgraded. Can one of you be more specific as to what I need to edit/remove to accomplish this?


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