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Multiple Forums sharing the same Database?

Started by mikungfu, October 13, 2009, 09:47:52 PM

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I want to have exactly the same forum uploaded 4 times on 4 different folders, say: forum-1, forum-2, forum-3 and forum-4, would be the folder names. I want them to share the same database so that everytime an entry is posted, all forums will display it. The only difference between the forums would be color and the logo. Even the logo would have the same name on each folder...

Is this possible with no conflicts?.. Again, everything will be named the same, categories, subforums, etc... I just want to do this so that depending from where the customer comes, the forum will have a different color.



Sorry... Not bumping the topic. Only trying to delete it unsuccessfully... I decided to post this on the 1.1.x subforum.

Please delete this one.