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Biography Profile Section
« on: October 18, 2009, 09:04:57 AM »
Link to Mod


The "Biography Profile Section" is compatible with just SMF 1.1.X. 2.0 is not currently supported by this modification, however it will be updated soon.


The Biography Profile Section Modification adds a new section to member's profiles. Aswell as being able to enter their details, Date of Birth, etcetera, they will also now be able to enter a Biography about themselves. This biography is displayed in their profile, so other users can see what they have put down.


This modification installs through the Package Manager. If anything goes wrong, go to the Support Topic and install the code hacks manually. It only edits small parts of a single file, so nothing should go wrong however.


Version 1.0 - July 19 2009
 * The initial release of the "Biography Profile Section" Modification.


iKorp Networks - Hosting the modification's demo.
iKiller - Creating the modification.
Alan S - Creating the Original Code Hacks.