Started by SMFHacks.com Team, October 18, 2009, 04:40:06 PM

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SMFHacks.com Team

Link to Mod

ENotify is an ajax driven notifications mod which allows you to view incoming pms or new replies without refreshing your page in a leet way. It kind of looks like facebook notifications and uses JGrowl for the user interface.

It has 5 settings that can be customized through the admin panel. It's compatible with both SMF 2.0.x (aka curve release) and SMF 1.1.x

Enjoy and post any bugs you encounter

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Wow ^^ Nice one Eren :)


Hehe thanks, I had seen people requesting something like this for a while now :)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


Can you make a version for SMF 1.1?


looks great but it works with versions 1.1.x ?

Qayyom Ashraf

I think really nice one, but not for me?

mean: I am using 1.1.10, have you any future plan for SMF 1.1.10 Version?

If possible please do it!
Qayyom Ashraf  |  Karachi-PK |::.www.JangForum.Com.::|


Colin B
Former Spammer, Customize, & Support Team Member


Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Very nice mod Eren! Congrats!
So Long


Thanks for the good comments everybody :) Unfortunately I'm not planning to port it back to 1.1, anyway the mod will probably function with the 2.0 Final without any modifications, it already is compatible with SMF 2 RC2 (Curve Theme).
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


Mod has been updated, a bug has been corrected that caused the mod not to function on some systems. Credit goes to hhy89
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


does this mod work on other themes... i'm using the ds-natural theme (Dziner studio) and i'm getting nothing till now :(
by the way, very awesome mod man, thumbs up


This installed fine for me, but I cannot see it working. Someone PM'ed me and posted a new reply to a post... but nothing shows up. Any Ideas?
SMF 2.0 RC1.2


Me too. Same SMF version.


Can you send me a link please?
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


mod of the month nomination



seems not to be showing on my forum as well, i will wait and see the solutions