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Looking back- an interview with Joseph Fung, Jeff Lewis and [Unknown]

Started by An-Old_User, December 02, 2007, 08:57:23 PM

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Hey rick, any word on getting another get together anytime soon with Jeff, Joeseph and [Unknown] about what they think on 2.0?

Just curious :)
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Quote from: JBlaze on May 22, 2009, 10:18:03 PM
Hey rick, any word on getting another get together anytime soon with Jeff, Joeseph and [Unknown] about what they think on 2.0?

Just curious :)

I actually had an idea to do a series of interviews, next was going to be the PM's, then a look forward, then 2.x, a few others but thats all I recall off the top of my head. But as the ideas built up, the time to do carry them out, shrank. I still keep in touch with some people from the team when time permits, but I haven't had the time to put into SMF as of late. I've picked up a new career field, and I'm in the process of moving to the east coast (3,000 miles away ) within the next few months.

SMF has had some Very exciting times, I'm glad to see we still have a community that cares, that gets involved, and that loves to give back. Its not something you see everywhere, especially when you have as many users as SMF does. This was one of the things that got me hooked. One thing I'd like to shed light on is that though [Unknown] is perhaps one of the most known, there was always SMF team members in the background doing other important things, or even doing some of the  mundane tasks that enabled him to be the hero he is. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to take away anything from [Unknown], but rather trying to credit the team he worked with. SMF was [Unknown]'s idea, he gave it to the PM's of yabbSE, they gave it an environment where it could grow, a team to support it, etc. Many people played/play a vital role in SMF, but do so behind the  scenes.

Compuart for example, has been the lead Dev since before SMF was SMF, his insight and contributions to SMF will stay with SMF long past the 2.x branch. I remember meeting him at MotM, and thinking to myself, that he was perhaps one of the smartest people I've met. He was really down to earth, yet very sharp-witted.
But I digress... I could go on and on about the SMF team, but I think those who take the time to read this, already know :D


Very nice Rick. I would love to see more interviews. I think that would get the regular users and members more interested in what goes into SMF and the people behind it.
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012



Great, thanks. as a newbie i would like to see more interviews.


Join the IRC chat, the staff members are there if you wanna have a chat :P
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Whoa...! what a nice read from that stuff...! Thanks Rick....again and again!


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I would like to thank all those who posted to this topic.  At this time we will be closing and archiving this news.

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