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Core Theme Change Confusion

Started by ((Kakashi)), November 17, 2009, 05:43:53 PM

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I just need a little guidance here. We used a modified yaBB theme for our forums and we were modifying that theme to work with the 2.0 RC1. I was very nearly finished with that and saw the RC2 upgrade. Sigh....back to square one with the modification.

I've gotten most things back done, but I can't change the Moderation and Admin styles. I see a moderation.css and admin.css in the curve theme and assumed that this is where I must dig for answers, but if I make any changes to them nothing changes, or the theme actually stops working altogether.

I wonder if there was any breakdown of what php and css files do what.


November 17, 2009, 05:50:52 PM #1 Last Edit: November 17, 2009, 05:54:22 PM by Antechinus
Not really. When you say a yaBB theme do you mean the yaBBSE Classic theme that used to come with SMF? If so, there is already an RC2 version available.



Right...and that's the theme I was working on with the RC1. In the "Modify Theme" control panel the "Edit this theme's stylesheets." is missing from the  'Classic YaBB SE Theme (2.0 RC2)', so I'm assuming (I know...never a good thing) that the style sheets come from the core which is now (again, assuming) the curve.


sorry to double post, I'm having a brain fart here...disregard this topic, but thanks for the very quick reply, Antechinus.  ;D


No prob. Happens to anyone. :D  I'll mark this as solved.


OK...here's what I'm talking about. I started from scratch on the yaBB SE by customizing the colors and settings. I can not find where to change the admin, profile, moderator, or PM center colors to follow suit with the other changes. As you can see we have customized yaBB to a black color scheme with white fonts. I can't find what file holds these settings. I really just need to change the background color of theses 'boxes' to black. Geeze I'm a noob... I've highlighted the text in the top box to illustrate that our font default is white, which makes things hard to navigate against a white background  :-[


I haven't tried customising the RC2 version of that theme but I those areas of the theme are controlled by default/css/admin.css. If you don't want the edits to affect all themes you could add the classes from that to your classic theme style.css.


That was a big help. The dim bulb of realization is starting to light in my head, with your help of course.

Next question, if you could. Somewhere during this 2nd attempt at converting the yaBB SE I lost the BBC options in posting and the Message center, so I'm doing a take three, but one thing that has always been an issue is missing 'quote' 'reply' and 'delete' gifs in the Messaging center. There correctly show up in the post pages, just not the messaging center.

I've noticed the same thing in the Babylon theme, which means it's at the core (curve), but I've not been able to locate where this entry might be.


I am having your exact same problems. I happen to use themes based on the classic theme. Quite frankly, the 'classic' theme they made for RC2 is currently of poor quality. It's a poor conversion. No attention to detail was paid. I've found many things that are broken from what it was in RC1.

That's just some of many differences. The linktree spaces differently, the post page is mangled, the search results page is missing borders, the personal message center is broken, problems on the moderator reports pages, profile pages are mangled etc. It's a mess.

Just compare the classic theme in RC1 with the classic theme in RC2 and you'll see so many issues you won't remember them all! Hell, it's so bad using the RC1 version as-is in RC2 actually looks BETTER in several instances.

I'm very disappointed. Especially to see such drastic regressional changes after a supposed candidate for release was released. If you ask me, the classic theme has reached the end of the road. The devs don't care about it anymore. I doubt anyone is going to make a properly working version. I started fixing some of the issues myself and then decided it was probably more effort than it's worth because there's so many and I'm not intimately aware of all the CSS and structural changes made that the theme creators are.

The classic theme relies on "compat.css" which is even clearly stated in the file it's an attempt at best.  They were so obsessed with pushing Curve in there after a release canddiate was already out, nothing else mattered. :'(


Ok, if you want something done about it use the discussion/support thread for that theme and give them hell. I agree that if it is going to be offered it should be up to standard. Please include details of your browser and OS when reporting theme bugs as it does make checking them a lot easier.


Frankly I haven't even looked at it myself as I have been working on Curve when I'm not working on other things. It was decided to drop Babylon and Classic because in surveys we did hardly anyone was using them. From memory I think it was only a few percent of respondents.