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New Theme i use

Started by HNHF, December 29, 2009, 01:10:09 AM

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Hi There,

I have downloaded a new theme ( a nice one )  but there are some little mestakes. ( see pic )

When i use the Members Button  then the grapichs are not nice ( messages  see pic )

Where can i correct that,  there is only  Index.php and Index.Template.php and a few CSS files in it.

This is also when i look with the stats  same problem 
Groetjes Martin....



What theme is this? Did you download it from the SMF mod site?
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Hi Jblaze

Yes i download it from this site  IRT STeel theme.
Groetjes Martin....



Can nobody help me with this problem... 

If i now where i have to look, maybe it for me simple?

Groetjes Martin....



First up, please don't bump within 24 hours; we're all volunteers.

You could consider asking in the theme's support topic (from the page you downloaded it from, see "Comment on this theme?")
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