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Started by _pi, January 29, 2010, 03:47:09 PM

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i want to show members from another forum an example how i would organize content.
but i don't want to register them, they just need to see the board structure i created.

i need a solution where they automatically become for short time a member in a group with view permissions.

do you have an idea?


Do you mean you want to show people (Without them logging in) a board or something?


yes. i need to give them a special link where they can only view.


That can be done by permissions.

Board Permissions:

Ticking the "Guest" box will allow guests to see that forum.


my usual guests should not see Guests2 boards.


If you've made a member-group called "Guest2" then just do for them, what I showed you to do with normal guests above.


i need to give my folks a link where guest2 permissions are activated while browser session.

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There can only be one kind of guest on a forum. You can't have one guest in one membergroup and another guest in another membergroup.

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"Guest2" would basically be a loggedin member...

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You'd have to create a "SpecialGuest" member, with limited permissions (read-only), and give the username and password out to everyone you want to have see this. Other groups and guests could be denied permission to view these special boards. The point is, there is only one kind of "guest", and anyone else must be logged in, making them non-guests.